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A Flower

Type: photo Uploaded: 2015-08-19


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  • Jan Spicka 15 Oct 2015

    nice one

  • Eddieblz 26 Aug 2015

    Nice work.

  • Crystal Jones 29 Sep 2015

    nice colors

  • Spideecartoon 28 Aug 2015

    Nice art

  • Karla Lorca 4 Sep 2015

    It's a great work, but it's really small. It would be definitely better if it's bigger :)

  • maubro 27 Aug 2015

    The flower is the soul of this work. Well done.

  • Anonymous 24 Oct 2015

    Why it's so small? ^^

  • ChrisSteffen 4 Oct 2015

    I like the contrast!

  • Drachul 26 Sep 2015

    Well, not much of a photographer but I don't like this photo very much. I guess it is very subjective but I would change the lighting (the entire picture looks the same concerning that), the focus (make a clearer difference between background and foreground), the positioning of the object (guess the rose, wouldn't cut it but I suppose that is a matter of taste. And if you cut it, show more of the rest of the picture) and maybe add some water, some droplets look great on a rose. But like I said, not much of a photographer, just a friend of one. Either way, keep up the good work and further improve your art.

  • lanina 25 Sep 2015

    beautiful and nice

  • Stormfur 1 20 Sep 2015

    Great work of art

  • asdawson 28 Aug 2015

    good work

  • Haalaesc 27 Aug 2015

    its a small picture.. for next time it would be better to load bigger :)

  • hgardin 25 Aug 2015

    Nice composition. I like the off centre placement of the flower horizontally and the "rule of thirds" placement vertically. The flower colours are quite vibrant and contrast well with the more muted background. Did you enhance the colours? Too bad the picture I have to look at is so small.

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