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The Fading

Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-08-15


painting about my mother who passed away when I was young


  • Jeanpooh 13 Sep 2016

    Well painted

  • Mutantenfisch 15 Mar 2016

    It looks indeed a bit spooky and strange, but I really like the idea behind it.

  • deathlouis 15 Aug 2015

    a very nice piece of art, has a creepy & sad vibe to it, with a sense of beauty and lost, the colours definitely go well with the mood given, also really love the bird on the tree, i personally really like this, great work!

  • CrisLoran (OkiotoArt) 16 Feb 2016

    strange )

  • Anonymous 15 Jan 2016

    dont like at all

  • Anonymous 8 Sep 2015

    I like the idea

  • terrycurley 16 Aug 2015

    So spooky looking...I love it.

  • RosalieX 15 Aug 2015

    looks nice

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