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Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-08-08


Size 4' x 5' Painted on canvas Medium acrylic painted 1995 In this illustration i am trying to portray how active the spiritual world is in every day of our lives. How heaven and hell, these two kingdoms are battling it out to win our devotion. Even when A person chooses to become part of God's family, the believer will still have to struggle with the forces of darkness as long as we live in these mortal bodies. The room is suppose to look like it's on fire. This is to represent the destiny of man, spending eternity in the lake of fire, if he refuses to be saved through God plan of salvation. the two people in this paint are the two leader of the two kingdoms. The Devil on the left, Jesus on the right. They are both standing at the door way that will lead to their kingdoms. They are both beckoning the viewer to go through their door. In this painting I want the viewer to understand that spiritual battle take place with every decision we face. When we come to a spit in the road our we going to choose the right road or the wrong road? What ever road you Choose will sooner or later reap the reward. The reward will either be destruction or blessing, the blessed think is we choose I illustrated the devil in a beautiful purple robe with gold sequence , To show He is the king of the fallen angels. Purple in the Bible was worn by king and governors and ruling authorities. The purple hood is to show that Satan is a deceiver. He will take truth and twisted into a lie , kind of the way a person will put poison mix in peanut butter to get rid of an unwanted mouse. Most people don't recognize when the Devil is temping them, because the only view of Him they have is the movie the exorcist. But He is more effective when He appears in the form of a used car salesmen. The gold belt He wears and the golden door way represent His tactics to side tract us with the love of temporal thing such as the love of money , fame, power. If a person gain the whole world yet loose his soul what has he truly gained. Illustrated Jesus dressed in a golden Robe with a golden sash. This represent He is the High priest who offered the sacrifice that appeased the requirement to deliver man from the power of sin, and restore man back to fellowship with God The Father. The door way to heaven is made up of the cross that Jesus gave His life on. If you look at the painting closely you will see holes in Jesus hands and feet. You also can seen on the cross from the blood and the spike marks where Jesus was nailed to the cross. The devils door has endless darkness of Hell , where Jesus' door has endless light of heaven. The rocking chair was designer to represent contemplation. Their are hearts with question marks in side them on the head rest as well the seat. I think of people sitting in their rocking chair when they have a big decision to make. So i think before we make decision, we should thing what will be the fruit down the road. If I plant thistle when it grows up it will hurt me . If i plant wheat, when it grows up it will feed me.

Challenge: surealworld VS Mark Duffy


  • Don Art 27 Apr 2017


  • Anonymous 8 Aug 2015

    Nice, I like your perspective.

  • madishells 8 Aug 2015

    Cool concept, very thought provoking

  • deslove01 8 Aug 2015

    its ok

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