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By Moca
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-08-08


Game on, graphite! I will master you eventually!! You might as well give up now!!! ...'O_o' this persuasion isn't working...


  • Clarvius 8 Aug 2015

    oh my, awesome ! yes it gives a different effect, keep up your great work :)

  • Clarvius 8 Aug 2015

    nice work ! :)

  • maikeru 17 Aug 2015

    Looks good :) The hair and the eyes expecially

  • Merlina 3 Sep 2015

    Great work :D

  • einsteinsdog 15 Aug 2015

    Again with the great stuff! Always with the great stuff you be doing! Give it a rest...ooh my aching bones are so tired, here, have a nice canolli, you look thin.

  • ♡YamiYugi♡ 8 Aug 2015

    Yugi: This is probably one of the most beautiful things my eyes will ever come upon. Take a good look, eyes. *o* Eyes: I will. I love every bit of it. Especially his facial, hands, and the perfectly done clothes.

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