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Forest cow

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-08-06


A special sort of Forest cow , unlike cow it has two extra toes with actual joints , to help it climb rocky terrain. All though it seems as heavy as a ordinary cow its it quite slim and agile on its feet,I strayed away from making its physical body similar to a cow but thinning it which make it legs a bit longer and by changing the vertebrae in the neck it's able to life its head higher then a cow and keep it in a comfortable pose.The knees in the front are changed as well keeping the back similar to a cow for a strong lunge Most forest animals do not look for a fight and this is true including the Atom , however if provoked this is a creature you do not want to mess with , it is omnivorous ,can climb tree and rampage threw the forest as if trees were sticks. This is a special patterned Atom baring all three colors of nature,makes it very hard to spot in the woods. When young most art born as one color then gain a second one. They also have series of black patterns usually representing animals in there ability to change into, In this case it had a Bat silhouette on its back and with this comes the ability for echolocation and becoming a bat though being the first of its kind and a rare type it is a shapeshifter of various animals. These are dream guardians treat the forest right and they will treat you right. Closed species Atom usto be know as The Predator cow. All for fun


  • Eddieblz 14 Aug 2015

    Very cool. Nice story.

  • Moca 6 Aug 2015

    Interesting and well coloured! I love the fur, so pretty!! o^-^o

  • czmanga 6 Aug 2015

    outstanding ! and creative

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