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Flower Fox

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-08-05


Coloured pencils and black fine-liner

Challenge: CharlotteJade VS Mutantenfisch


  • Jan Spicka 18 Sep 2015

    nice fox, I would like to accept ur request to join fantasy and mythology but we are unfortunatelly full

  • Hill's Beverly Creative 9 Feb 2017

    I like the colors you have in this one. The bit of green in the leaves set off the colors of the fox. This looks like a pretty design for a sticker to put on an envelope or letter ! Keep it up !

  • Sterling Jenkins Photography 27 Apr 2016

    Beautiful use of colors!

  • dathie 11 Mar 2016

    wow, I like the bright colours

  • Anonymous 8 Nov 2017

    aww this is cute I love foxes

  • M. Milewska 18 Jan 2016

    there is something wrong with perspective, but i love the way you coloring and these hypnotizing eyes <3

  • Haru 6 Aug 2015

    Nice!This coloring is asm!

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