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fantasy landscape

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-08-02


wooh i tried to draw my own fantasy landscape and yeah thats the result... i just wish i would finally have a tablet... this shitty quality of my phone annoys me :T


  • Jan Spicka 2 Aug 2015

    u did really well

  • hubert perron 10 Sep 2015

    splendid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justinnator4 2 Aug 2015

    Respect. I have an IPad instead of a phone and still would struggle to try this.

  • RedFang 27 Aug 2015

    You did this on your phone? It's so freaking awsome

  • CptShaw 5 Nov 2015

    Wow...very beautiful!

  • CamEmBlack 14 Aug 2015

    Really good job!!:)

  • Emikonekolve 9 Aug 2015

    wow it's beautiful great job

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