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my OC Star wallapana

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-09-20


I just finished this. Man this is my favorite Name: Star wallapana Age: 19 (She short for her age) Race: Human Origin: Thai/Caucasian Likes: Music, her weapon, dubstep, parties, making beats, her headphones, sleeping, nice amd sunny days, her skatbourd, video games, dance games, dancing, comic books, graffiti Dislikes: Drama, bright girly colors, pop, rap, what people listen to everyday, tight clothes and dresses, cheerleaders, love movies and books, chapter books Personality: Weird, crazy, unique, music lover, hyper and non dramatic Music: Dubstep


  • Snake6666 28 May 2015

    nice, what is her weapon?

  • Anonymous 20 Sep 2014

    you put the character too much in the left side

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