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Challenge: MonsterPaws VS KhayalGhorban


  • hubert perron 30 Apr 2017

    splendide !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BlueSpiritWolf6 29 Jun 2017

    wow nice :)

  • Oscarlira 5 Aug 2015

    So Pretty and colorful

  • snakedaemon 1 Aug 2015

    This is gorgeous

  • Anonymous 24 Mar 2017

    really cool piece.. :P

  • B3rrystorm 5 Aug 2015

    beautiful art and very lovely and well cone colouring! =D I really like all the details you have done with the background and Sailor Venus looks beautiful =D I think you did really well in this piece and i'm really looking forward to see more of your art =D

  • CDtheMoleKing 1 Aug 2015

    so well done and beautiful! brings back many memories for me :)

  • godzillasaurus 1 Aug 2015

    eat use of colors

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