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By NykuT
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-07-29


work in progress with 4B pencil grphite.....

Challenge: NykuT VS Oscarlira


  • Clarvius 30 Jul 2015

    you're welcome ;) i cant wait till its done :D

  • Clarvius 30 Jul 2015

    auch, i love it !! ;)

  • Oscarlira 30 Jul 2015

    You already was told about hand size, i will add that arm is to thin. You can Fix that easy since you have not places details there I think The space from pelvis to scrotch is rigth since She is not stand up complete rigth? She is like starting get sit or standing up, is What i can say You are awesome artist

  • Redtreatjas 9 Aug 2015

    perfect detail.

  • hubert perron 30 Jul 2015

    superb ,bravissimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nathan 30 Jul 2015

    I love this, the texture and shadework in those Jean's are Amazing, Great work!!

  • VedR1109 27 Aug 2015

    Nice drawing. I am very intrigued.:)

  • HenningBlom 1 Aug 2015

    Very good shading work!

  • CptShaw 30 Jul 2015

    I like it a LOT!! :)

  • Dreamcatcher7 29 Jul 2015

    Good idea, nice work

  • Renata Lazzaretti 29 Jul 2015

    really good!

  • emilythesiren 29 Jul 2015

    This looks really good and I like the shadows here. Keep on the good work!

  • Esa 29 Jul 2015

    The shading is very impressive, but I would continue on your anatomy... The hands are too small, and the space between the pelvis and the crotch should be bigger (the belt would be at the waist). otherwise it looks very good. hope this was helpful.

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