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Forge Dragon

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-07-29


If I ever gain the patience or skill to color, I'll definitely have to show what I imagine this to be: a dragon with fire showing through the seams of him. He'd look like a cracked volcano, all black scales and slashes of heat pouring through. His rather ugly face is so that there's nothing there to burn when he breaths it out! I clearly think too much on stuff like this...


  • Nathan 30 Jul 2015

    An awesome, Unique Dragon, very well done!!

  • Rickyvt31 17 Oct 2015

    stencil work means just the outline so you can use as a guide for tattooing

  • Rickyvt31 31 Jul 2015

    awesome outline for stencil work really good keep it up

  • DarkmoonArts 30 Jul 2015

    Everytime I see a really nice lineart my heart makes a backflip! <3

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