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MY OC Rhys Phoenix

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-09-20


I finished this is class Name: Rhys Phoenix Age: 18 Race: Human Origin: Australian/American Likes: Her bow, hot weather, dogs, sunny days, firy colors, comic books, climbing places, hunting, comfortable clothes, running, boxing, red flovored cherry Dislikes: Drama, dresses, higheels, girls that do girly things and take selfies, bright and girly colors, people breaking her bow, snowy and cold days Personality: Laidback, tough, smart, easygoing, a little hot tempered, and respectful Music: Rock


  • Anonymous 20 Sep 2014

    It is good for anime, but a little sketchy. Keep drawing and you will get better. The eyes seem a bit high up on the face. Other than that not bad. Thanks for posting.

  • Dragon Butts 20 Sep 2014

    Your style is interesting and consistent. Nicely done.

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