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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-07-25


landscape - cemetery - dark - sadness See my works:


  • Jan Spicka 29 Oct 2015

    nice work

  • snakedaemon 24 Jan 2017

    Nice work

  • trevorp 3 Apr 2017

    Lovely artwork :-)

  • Don Art 4 Jan 2017


  • kawaii_katt_ 31 Jul 2015

    It looks really nice. I like the details you added. It might look a little better though if you added some texture to the path. You did a nice job shading the tree and the lamppost as well.

  • Mark Duffy 26 Jul 2015

    Very cool :)

  • Anonymous 26 Jul 2015

    Very lovely love the way it goes in the page.

  • Justinnator4 26 Jul 2015

    Looks like it'd fit right into a black and white picture book. The flies under the lamp are a nice touch. I might've tried making the moon look brighter.

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