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Barad-Dur (Mordor Landscape Painting)

By ZaxeR
Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-07-25


80x60cm oil painting (Not Finished)


I like the overall concept, and really like the contrast, even being as dark as it is.................... If I was painting this and asking myself what direction to take it...... my instinct ssays it needs more colour, more needs to be made of the energy from the volcanoe, lightning storm gathering from the ash cloud, fiery glow in the sky, highlights/reflections on the turbulent waters waves.......... and maybe even a "Dahli style" face in the clouds.............

Challenge: surealworld VS ZaxeR


  • Crossoverdude 26 Jul 2015

    wooah HOLY SHIT SO AMAZING!!! u just inspired me to draw even more complicated backgrounds... even tough its not finished it alread shows an impressive feeling... kinda post apocalyptic haha

  • Puk 2 Aug 2015

    Woa, this is amazing!

  • OneWolf96 26 Jul 2015

    Really awesome!

  • silentwolf9876 26 Jul 2015

    Freaking amazing skills you have my friend! Keep it up! ^3^

  • Anahid 26 Jul 2015

    Ahh that eye! Where is the got damn ring XD This picture is amazing! I like the vulcano!

  • xxdaersdrfzxx 25 Jul 2015

    AWESOMNESS HOLY HELL shading, light everything is perfect <3

  • Anonymous 25 Jul 2015

    It looks amazing.Cant wait to see it finished.

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