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Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-07-24


pen, watercolor and sharpie

Challenge: AlloftheRandom VS Giorgia Haran


  • Oscarlira 2 Apr 2016

    Wow! This Drawing is amazing, very emotive, with a lot of creativity And The combination of colors is superb, congrats

  • Crystal Jones 4 Jul 2016

    Nice ^^

  • Mutantenfisch 21 Mar 2016

    I love the idea. The colouring and his expression are good, too.

  • xpector 27 Jul 2015


  • Kim yaku 24 Jul 2015

    Cool :)

  • Puk 4 Aug 2015

    The concept and body language is great. As great as the expression!

  • dubbyjae 24 Jul 2015

    Great Shading! Wonderful piece

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