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Ichimaru Gin

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-09-19


One of Bleach's villains. Pencil on paper (HB, B) Enjoy :)


  • 0mgness 11 Nov 2014

    R.I.P our social lives.

  • 0mgness 11 Nov 2014

    Yeah. I'm still too obsessed. It's kinda sad.

  • 0mgness 5 Nov 2014

    yes i have! all 366 episodes and four movies, i am also reading the manga at the moment, i really recommend it, it's pretty much the same but with more blood and more Ichihime, and better art. but less....movement. and ah yes!! i was completely obsessed with it when I was watching it, and still am lol. good times, i cried when i finished it....sad times.

  • 0mgness 2 Nov 2014

    Naturally !Bleach is amazing, have you seen all of the anime?

  • 0mgness 1 Nov 2014

    aha, yeah of course! and practice makes perfect, the difference between my work from just a year ago and now is unbelievable, and i need someone , like a real life person lol, who kinda looks like someone you would think of as gin , if hew was real,ehehe, it's not really important, because with art, i can change a load of random lines into a person, it's just an outline for the face ya know...okay i'm babbling now. May our love of Gin live on XXx xP

  • 0mgness 26 Oct 2014

    aww you've really got his creepiness here, i was thinking of drawing this guy myself, although i don't know who to use as a model, cus i always do realism ya know. .....Gin, i love Gin, he's so cool. ugh so sad, im going to cry again. noooooo

  • Dark Angel of Silence 19 Sep 2014


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