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Mother and Child

Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-07-22


Oil on panel, 51 x 40 cm, This work is about the spirits of the past. Especially that where people then believed in. It's a bit difficult to translate. Therefore, I leave it to the imagination of the viewer..


  • NobleBacon 21 Mar 2016

    Great job!

  • snakedaemon 22 Jul 2015

    Nicely done

  • BunnyFaceWolf 22 Jul 2015

    O.O I'm speechless...

  • FaerieWarrior 19 Apr 2016

    love the design, its so cool!

  • Anonymous 22 Jul 2015

    interesting painting

  • mistyeye2015 22 Jul 2015

    Love this, it's beautiful and haunting. The colours work so well and it's so well painted. An amazing piece, especially the eyes on the clothes.

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