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Feel Free

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-07-17


This is a picture I made awhile ago, I haven't thought about it for awhile until I heard a song ( Even though its from an anime I think) That I thought would go well with this picture. I'm probably going to fix it up in the near future, cause there are a lot of things I can fix, but from what I have right now I hope you guys like it! :)


  • munchywheats 17 Jul 2015

    which anime now?

  • Oscarlira 17 Jul 2015

    everything nice like the sky so the character

  • Anonymous 17 Jul 2015


  • ClearMinds58 17 Jul 2015

    It's great! The colors are really complementary. I really like the way the sun fades out from behind the clouds.

  • dlente 17 Jul 2015

    It's good that you can see things that you want to fix; it means that you can improve. Regardless, you've done an amazing job :)

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