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Tony Stark as Captain America

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-07-14


Colour Pencils/ Portrait Art/ Hyperrealism/Realism Art


  • blvckink 14 Jul 2015

    lovely work :D

  • Marcelo Luna 16 Jul 2015

    Nice work!

  • Sterling Jenkins Photography 26 Jul 2015

    Very nice work! The jawline seems like it might need a bit of adjustment for RDJ but it looks fantastic. You nailed the eyes!

  • ioumx 16 Jul 2015

    what a cool concept- and you drew it so well too!

  • pencil recreations 15 Jul 2015

    Well done I admire coloured pencil work and yours is very well done ..will get to doing my own one day ..till then keep up the great work ...Nev

  • Manakeksi 14 Jul 2015

    Uh, I have the exactly same pencils XD But your work with the colors is way better! Very nice!

  • Puk 14 Jul 2015

    Hot damn!!!!! :D

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