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Dance of the Apsara Divinities

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-07-14


The underlying theme I have attempted to capture here is the harmony of dancers performing gracefully in well-timed unison. Indeed, the study and discipline required to perfect choreography of this kind is also something I admire greatly and pay tribute to through these pictures. I originally decided to draw the Cambodian Apsara Dancer to complement my other drawing of a Spanish Flamenco Dancer (which is also appears on my blog). I was particularly interested in contrasting imagery as well as the style of movement exhibited by each dance, from the passionate whirling, stamping and clapping of the Flamenco to the graceful, elegantly timed movements of the classical Apsara dancer. The difference in the style of dance and indeed the culture, from which they are derived, could not be more apparent yet each performance is a beautiful display of human movement and expression. For me, such refined cultural creativity represents the very best in human nature. Pencil on A3 paper.


  • xpector 10 Dec 2015

    so much detail.... very good job!!

  • Aerotrack 12 Dec 2015

    nice composition ;з

  • Redtreatjas 19 Jul 2015

    oh my god this is so fabulous graphiteartist! :) <3

  • KseniaSh 14 Jul 2015

    *_* so pretty

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