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Post apocalyptic city

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-07-13


This time around, tried to draw landscape. For me, this one turned out quite good, yea I know it's not amazing or anything, but I still really like this piece :) Anyways, anyone, and I really mean everyone, is welcome to give me some critique. I know there probably are some many mistakes in my work that it would be hard to know where to start ctiticising it :D But really guys, any sort of advice, I would really take it to heart and try to imrpove my next work.


  • Anonymous 13 Jul 2015

    Nice Job !

  • doodles 13 Jul 2015

    Not schlecht.

  • Mina-chan 13 Jul 2015

    building are nice but the shadows need a little work. try smudging the graphite with a tissue,swab,tortillion or your finger to give the depth feeling.

  • AnneMaxe 13 Jul 2015

    Try to add more shades. Show what's dark and what's light, even big areas, for example if the road is darker than grass, show it. It'll be more plastic and interesting.

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