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Type: photo Uploaded: 2015-07-12


I took this in the mountains at the Lake District. The fog building behind that old house was an amazing sight.


  • artfan 18 Jul 2015

    Nice. I want this house:)

  • flamingarrow3 14 Jul 2015

    Absolutely beautiful.

  • ThenDie 13 Jul 2015

    simple and beautiful :)

  • Jeanpooh 12 Jul 2015

    Beautiful photo and this is a moment you have captured for us never to be seen again thank you

  • Anonymous 12 Jul 2015

    Very nice! I can feel a chill already just looking at this foggy, overcast piece. :)

  • tkno01 12 Jul 2015

    It's beautiful. I can't really Identify the focal point though. The background really ties it in.

  • Anonymous 12 Jul 2015


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