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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-07-11


These are 4 different versions of the same drawing. I drew this back in the mid 80's in ink black and white. I always liked personally like this piece allot though it never went over very big. It's one of my favorite reapers. the top left is closest to the original. This one is so much fun to play with digitally.


  • blvckink 11 Jul 2015

    awesome work! :D keep it up

  • Eddieblz 12 Jul 2015

    It has really has opened new avenues of creativity for everyone willing to use it.

  • hubert perron 20 Sep 2015

    great job !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • trevorp 28 Oct 2015

    This looks very scary or spooky but it's also quite visually appealing also :-)

  • eveliina-eliisa 6 Oct 2015

    Like the colors!

  • czmanga 12 Jul 2015

    Looks nice Mr Eddie , I think the boths down are a little bit confuse with the background effects ! Anyway , Spooky work !

  • Ragingkittie 11 Jul 2015

    Really cool! I like the top right image most.

  • Redtreatjas 13 Jul 2015

    cool and creepy grandpa :) XD

  • charlie363 11 Jul 2015

    As they each have a individual spin. I've enjoyed this work of late...I tend to focus on bottom right find this my favorite. ..great work!!!

  • JPW Artist 1 Aug 2015

    Very Andy Worhol. Cool

  • evinuttygelle 21 Jul 2015

    scarry but amazing

  • Ravido 13 Jul 2015

    The first one is awesome :)

  • mac 12 Jul 2015

    Looking good Eddie, Yeah thats the great thing with digital is that you can get infinite design possibilities from a single piece. Nice one!!!

  • Godel Santos 11 Jul 2015


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