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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-07-08


Ok this is a very brief history on the Shari-La. First of all the Shangri-La is a National Heritage listed vessel here in Australia. Here are a few reasons why. The Shangri-La was first built in 1938 for Harold Arnott (of Arnotts Biscuits) as a 17.3 meter long motor cruiser. In 1940 it was sold to MR V.B.Smith who enlisted in the armed forces and volunteered the Shangri-La for wartime service. In 1942 Shangri-La was requisitioned by the Commonwealth Government for the coastal patrol of NSW and was sold to the United States Army. During this time Shangri-La was requisitioned by General Douglas MacArther and was used a s his personal craft for river transport. The Americans gave Shangri-La a samll refit in this time and used Shangri-La in many other war operatons. After the war ended in 1945 it was salvaged and returned to Australia in 1946. In 1946 it was purchased by Tom McLean and used for tourist charters. In 1976 Shangri-La celebrated 30 years of the tourist industry of Queensland. In 1981 Shangri-La wa purchased by Peter Davoren and was used as a personal vessle untill it was sold to Tim Berrigan in 2003. Tim set about restoing Shangri-La to its former glory and returing it to the tourisum industry running commercial chatrters. Sadly Tim passed in 2010 and the Shangri-La was re-sold. In 2011 Shangri-La was purchased by my dear friend and current owner Sharron with her partner Phil.Who is working tirelessly to complete the work that Tim had started and who also commissioned the piece I'am proud to be working on right now.

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  • Tomas 8 Jul 2015

    Looks really great, however what is missing is background for me.. or maybe that's the whole point? I mean more details in grass and so on..

  • Oscarlira 29 Mar 2016

    Great art, love all The details on The boat

  • blvckink 8 Jul 2015

    insane detail on the boat hull, love the detail of the weathered paint :D

  • Kana Go 8 Jul 2015

    Great work!

  • Anonymous 30 Sep 2015

    Fantastic work

  • Da Dopest Mankey 9 Jul 2015

    thats sick, this boat is pretty bad ass in my book. i also like the foliage and background, it fits well with the actual picture of the boat.

  • Hatshj 9 Jul 2015

    Very nice work!!

  • Toriline 9 Jul 2015


  • mistyeye2015 8 Jul 2015

    Beautiful work

  • Haalaesc 8 Jul 2015

    great job :)

  • Mutantenfisch 8 Jul 2015

    As others have pointed out before, the detail is astonishing. On the other hand, for me there is something missing in this drawing and it feels a bit incomplete.

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