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Chibi Tauro(and me)

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-07-07


Chibi practice with my oc. Art and character © MajesticPandaCookie


  • Elfios 7 Jul 2015

    You should really work on anatomy ( I know that it is chibi what doesn't mean that you can say fuck you to anatomy) chibi is really hard style because it is very '' minimized '' what mean that there is anatomy but not as visible and making a single leg you have to make a knee etc barely visible but still visible.( that count to all anatomy ) So you should consider making something more realistic and then back to chibi it sill make you 10000000000000000% better artist :D good luck and please consider it :)

  • leijon-forever 7 Jul 2015

    It's all so derpy. Hehe. :33

  • KarasuKiba 7 Jul 2015

    so cute !!! omg the expressions are flawless xD

  • Joseph kalys 7 Jul 2015


  • Anonymous 7 Jul 2015

    This is really cute! They are very well drawn, through all emotional states. Sorry for this not being helpful.

  • Kitsune_mischief 7 Jul 2015

    good basic structure

  • ReaperKitten 7 Jul 2015

    Haha cute X3

  • The Image Gallery Of Troy 7 Jul 2015

    LOL Nice story. Pretty funny Drawing.

  • Moyashi-Kun06 7 Jul 2015

    Hehe, I love this drawing! <3 Their expressions are drawn really well, and I like the style. The clothes are designed well, and overall I give this fave stars! ^w^ You have talent and potential, keep up the amazing work! <3 n-n :3

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