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Challenge: Crystal Jones VS Joseph kalys


  • Jan Spicka 20 Aug 2015

    nice shot

  • Laurenh11598 28 Dec 2015

    Beautiful shot :)

  • xpector 1 Nov 2015

    superbly done!!

  • Dream.Guardian 9 Jul 2015

    I like the focus to blur

  • czmanga 12 Jul 2015

    It´s a gorgeous composition of colours , great shot !

  • KaldurxConner 5 Oct 2015

    I think its a bit too blurry. Maybe it would have been better if you'd kept the entire butterfly in focus, rather than blurring its edges. It looks like the flower is the main focus rather than the butterfly.

  • Anonymous 9 Nov 2015

    It seems like a dream

  • didier1961 13 Aug 2015

    verry nice

  • charlie363 6 Jul 2015

    This is excellent. ..all the right points balanced...the wings in harmony with the blue deserve 5 stars...just beautiful

  • lil_tinker 6 Jul 2015

    its a beautiful shot. i just wish the butterfly was in front.

  • Anonymous 6 Jul 2015

    Very nice!

  • edooner 6 Jul 2015

    The colors contrast very well!!! And the butterflies with the eyes on their wings are so cool!!!

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