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By anibas
Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-07-06


dipinto con colori ad olio su tela 50x50 - anno 2010


  • Alinnela 7 Mar 2016

    Wow interesting

  • Anonymous 6 Oct 2015

    A beautiful piece, to me its something that shows how someone could be intellectual, someone who is into art and literature but there is a bubble that I cannot really identify what is in it but to me if I would interpret it I would say that maybe sometimes as human beings we cant always think of beautiful things. Even though they seem like letters from different languages but to me it comes to me like perhaps we are sometimes confused by different ideas. But in the end this is what I think, other than that great job it's lovely.

  • X+X 13 Aug 2015

    This is really cool, I am working on an art and music website can I put this art in the website's art gallery I'll send you a link when I get it up :) my email is

  • KumoBonsaiBlast 6 Jul 2015

    you're welcome

  • Ramur 6 Jul 2015

    It's very peaceful. Good colors.

  • KumoBonsaiBlast 6 Jul 2015

    looks like an illustration piece

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