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Don't die on me

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-07-03


A little Fanart for Onimusha 2 (one of the best games ever :3) I have to practice drawing with black. Cause I'm really workin on my manga right now and I need to get better D: tips, critque? be honest and help me to improve my art : ) thank you!


  • Vic-Chan 25 May 2016

    I love this piece so much.

  • AzusaErrant 4 Jul 2015

    Well, you are drawing manga after all, so those hands are perfect. ^^

  • E.Madeira 3 Jul 2015

    Very nice! The hair is very well done. The folds in the clothing on the left figure could use a bit of work, but I'm in love with the folds in the right figure's sleeve. Great job with the anatomy, as well. The poses are very natural :D

  • Crystal Jones 3 Jul 2015

    Good work.

  • Napalm389 3 Jul 2015

    exciting work

  • Helera 3 Jul 2015

    I love the details and the passion you put in this

  • AzusaErrant 3 Jul 2015

    Their hands are really elegant and well-drawn, but you should work on the wrinkles in their clothes. What's your manga about?

  • Ksenia Fenix 3 Jul 2015


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