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Werewolf Evil

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-07-03


I did this with a program called DAmuro.

Challenge: Velkss VS Eddieblz


  • Kana Go 8 Jul 2015

    Nice! Eyes and teeth are really expressive!

  • Nozomi 3 Oct 2015

    Woah, Creepy but nice

  • Eddieblz 7 Jul 2015

    Thanks. I always felt the brushed on DAmuro were very elegant.

  • Xeno Haider 12 Aug 2015

    Nice! Eyes and teeth are really expressive

  • pencil recreations 30 Jul 2015 say the least

  • Jeanpooh 30 Jul 2015

    Shis fur is well done looks soft and fluffy unlike the rest of this beast, good art

  • Kebiwoni 15 Jul 2015

    Woah, Creepy. xD

  • osmanthusette 7 Jul 2015

    very nice!

  • Mutantenfisch 7 Jul 2015

    DAmuro is quite cool as soon as you're used to it. ;) Anyway, I like the colour scheme of this drawing and how the werewolf's eyes contrast with the rest of the scheme. I'm just not sure if I really like it with the four eyes. But that's personal taste, I'd say.

  • snakedaemon 6 Jul 2015

    Loving it

  • charlie363 3 Jul 2015

    This one I did expect its kinda cool...a hybrid you may consider

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