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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-07-01


see thru the eagle eyes


  • xitina 2 Jul 2015

    I really like your technique and the colors you used! I also like a lot the hole reflection on the eyes idea!

  • eni7878 2 Jul 2015

    Really, really good work! Amazing details, love the colour choices, wow! :)

  • Cola 2 Jul 2015

    wow.. so wow.. lost for words.. I have to try something like this.

  • Crystal Jones 2 Jul 2015

    Very good work ! ^^

  • RedKnightmares 2 Jul 2015

    Wow this looks great!

  • Jandraws 2 Jul 2015

    a little more contrast would enhance the depth, maybe try using ink?

  • didier1961 1 Jul 2015

    verry nice

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