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Charbie the Emerald Keeper

By Ciskat6
Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-06-29


(I forgot his original last name, so it will stay Minxi until I do.) Charbie is known as the "Keeper of Emerald Magic." He started out as an elderly dog who wore a charm around his neck in the shape of a diamond. This was a bright green emerald. It possessed him and turned him into a monster, but after a fiasco with a white kitten named Karsey Smith, he died in a fire and reincarnated as a new puppy. The emerald kept him alive, and it's now up to his friends to find it, and maybe keep his sanity. My professional account, , holds a lot of DC Tracks info, and DC Tracks may become a popular series and comic. (DC Tracks and its characters belong to me. No stealing!)


  • Neptune S. Nova 29 Jun 2015

    :D so cute

  • SuperComicGeek 29 Jun 2015


  • anibas 29 Jun 2015


  • evinuttygelle 29 Jun 2015

    I love the fur of the dog but if i were u next tome i would work more on the dogs face :D but anyway its a pretty great job :)

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