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League of Legends: Zed

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-28


I started this drawing last summer but stopped because of school. Didn't come as great as I hoped it would. Lots of little mistakes everywhere. I didn't use my scanner since it doesn't make my drawings look as great. Hope you guys like it.


  • DrawingBox 30 Nov 2015

    thank you everyone C:

  • Altergatto 28 Jun 2015


  • MisakiMidnight 28 Jun 2015

    This looks so awesome! I wish I could draw like this ^^

  • Nathan 28 Jun 2015

    This is an awesome drawing, very well done!!

  • Starrbar 28 Jun 2015

    I can see you had a lot of patience to shade this haha! Nice work. I like it. :)

  • Redtreatjas 28 Jun 2015

    nice :D

  • Riverartist 28 Jun 2015

    Awesome :)

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