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By Veru
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-27


Worked for like a half hour just on the dress gradient DX Charm stands for Charlotte and Tom, the couple in the picture. <3 Enjoy!


  • maubro 6 Sep 2015

    Very romantic and well executed

  • Mythology1 4 Sep 2015

    The pose and expressions are very good.

  • dorothy 5 Jul 2015

    really charming!^^

  • Miyuki3769 28 Jun 2015

    It is very sweet ^^ I love the colors in her dress. The red/pink color really makes her stand out.

  • Helera 27 Jun 2015

    I like her dress! ILOVEIT!

  • Photobones 27 Jun 2015

    Hmmm... I guess I'd say that this shows promise, but urge you to keep practicing. You have a 4-star by one user, I'd give it a 3, but will refrain from voting so as not to bring your score down. Truthfully, I'd give it a 3½ because it is better than average, but it still has a way to go. (For the record, I'll also be the first to admit that my own art has "a way to go," but it is easier to critique than to perform.) Best wishes on your future artistic endeavors.

  • Lynzinitus 27 Jun 2015

    I like the colors!

  • TheHyperChick 27 Jun 2015

    Cute! :3

  • Starrbar 27 Jun 2015

    I think you did an excellent job coloring here, and I especially like the dress gradient that you worked so hard on. :D Also nice job connecting the two characters. I still have trouble drawing people hugging, kissing, etc. sometimes. I'm sorry, I can't think of what to tell you to improve on - I just can't find the words I guess? ^^; I suppose adding a background would help, but this definitely stands out as it is. ^^

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