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Lust lord

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-06-27


Tried a new coloring technique to create a messy weird picture. My oc Iicatasi in red and greys. My favorite thing in this picture is the cross he's holding


  • Oscarlira 25 Aug 2015

    excelent pose on your character

  • Scenestra 13 Aug 2015

    Honestly, I'm not sure you should! My opinion of your OC character should not affect your rendering of them. It's just not to my taste is all, and if you got the effect you where looking for that is wonderful. And again separate of that the coloring is amazing. I don't know what this technique is supposed to look like but I am pretty sure you nailed it!

  • Scenestra 13 Aug 2015

    The art work is fantastic, I am just not particularly fond of the presentation of the subject.

  • DarkDisney1996 27 Jul 2015

    Oh wow!

  • EKA 25 Jul 2015

    filthy animal! love it :D

  • osmanthusette 15 Jul 2015

    wow nice!

  • lululu174 28 Jun 2015

    xP NO PROBLEM!!! OuO <3 x3

  • lululu174 28 Jun 2015

    O-O ITS AMAZING!!!! HIS TONGUE IS BLUE!! OoO ... xP love it x3 <3 ... and of course its not a challenge xP i would not dare to OuO

  • KarasuKiba 27 Jun 2015

    xD ehh who needs him anyway. he's not important

  • KarasuKiba 27 Jun 2015

    who cares what haters think, its amazing and u knows it uou

  • Anonymous 27 Jun 2015

    Not impressed even with the cross...

  • coolidontgiveafuck94 27 Jun 2015

    I really like the eyes

  • Jandraws 27 Jun 2015

    nice using color hues, that gives impression os space, yet the proportion, composition, idea, fonts and details need improvement

  • SarembaArt 27 Jun 2015


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