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Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-06-26


I got some great feedback on that one drawing so I decided to redraw it :) The nose is a little screwy ttho .3.


  • blvckink 17 Aug 2015

    really cool :D love it

  • Twilicorn 27 Jun 2015

    I really like this one!! But is it just me, or are the eyes a bit high up?

  • Spideecartoon 26 Jun 2015

    Art that was meant to say

  • Spideecartoon 26 Jun 2015

    Nice arg

  • Anonymous 26 Jun 2015


  • Spideecartoon 26 Jun 2015

    Nice artwork

  • AnimeLolwut1470 26 Jun 2015

    It's a very good drawing, the colours an shading is nice. I feel like the shoulders are a bit too square-like, other than that it's amazing <3

  • EsGu 26 Jun 2015

    It looks nice and her smile is really beautiful

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