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  • RonnyWolf 25 Jul 2015

    So detailed. I love it, along with the colors. Really beautiful.

  • z4m97 19 Jul 2015

    you did... good.... but there are some wonky things in your use of texture and color the colors themselves are too desaturated, there is not that much difference between your darks mediums and highlights... also that thing on the lower left corner, is hard to read, i think its a rooftop but im not sure. your trees definetely need some work on the natural look, the pattern is too evident, try using more random strokes on those... im not saying its bad, im saying it could be better, but youre on a good track :)

  • mac 5 Jul 2015

    Great work!! Superb!!!

  • Rinko-Riban 1 Jul 2015

    I've always admired people who know how to work with color. beautiful art)

  • Clarvius 1 Jul 2015

    wow its cool ! :)

  • ThreeDaysLost 25 Jun 2015

    Great, I love the sky ^-^

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