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Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-06-25


This is super old and really bad but I love it anyway for some reason?? Fanart of a friend's OC. I'm honestly not sure if that's even her name anymore, tbh.


  • z4m97 25 Jun 2015

    i like the brightness you put in the coloring, the colors work well and the eyes are awesomely shiny... its hard for me to say this, but there are some problems on the coloring, regarding depth overall, i notice youre using a lot of digital effects on everything, try not just to follow tutorials and tips on how to color, because they dont apply to everything, try to understand your drawing and it will be way easier to really get awesomely painted drawings :D what i mean with this is that you dont have a light source, and your shadows are all over the place, they wander around without giving a sense of 3dimensionality, in the shirt you have shadows all around the countours, but in the eyes you made it clear that the light is in the top right side, but also the shadow on the neck is down right, which is contradicting the light source. what im about to says a lot of personal taste but i wouldnt go with that inda eyes, they just dont match with the style of the face, but that can be just

  • trevorp 25 Jun 2015

    Wonderful colours and nice detail. Well done :-)

  • Anonymous 25 Jun 2015

    It looks very good. Keep up the good work.

  • Clarvius 25 Jun 2015

    wow she's cute :)

  • Vic-Chan 25 Jun 2015

    the hair is amazing. =)

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