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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-24


I did not want to come to the party. I've done everything to find any excuse. Guests at a rich table are eating hungrily . Knuckle, liver, tripe, kidney, steak tartare, blood sausage.Czesia brings stew making from hearts called "Highlander robber" .On the background, the indefatigable Uncle Stefan's humor builds cheerful atmosphere. The laughter louder the more current passes my body, causing squeeze of the stomach and dry my throat. What are the sounds come from the kitchen? "She dances for me," (polisch song) and the noise caused by energetic moves of housewife doing the dishes... I was stiffened and electrified ... .Nobody can helps me! ... Dark clouds have yet to come ... - Why are you not eating? - Aunt Rebeca was worried ( biting the bite of blood sausage) Probably it is the cause of using the internet - You don't have an appetite ? - Gienia aunt said. Shave him! Cut his hair! and knuckle will taste! - Uncle Stefan said heartily! Wait ! When Mr. Rysio gets you he will knock all these pensiveness and philosophy - using his razor and scissors !!! - Czesia warm up embarassing atmosphere. Revelers were having a lot of reasons to rejoice.They had a favorite dessert and delicacies! My person as a subject of talk time and an opportunity for giving me many advices was the best dishes for them! Find a wife! Eat a lot! Follow sport! Go fishing! Grow the mustache! Dont be skinny! This is yummy! - Everyone praised the food but I had nausea and dizziness and I did not touched any piece. Their appetite comes with eating! I did not try recomended dishes. My sense of alienation grew. Everyone having a good time, they were eating carelessly and blithely. I heard munching, slurping and knocking on the plates cutlery and I felt more and more disgusted and terrified I wanted to get up and leave, but the secret power of paralysis trapped me in a very awkward position. I was stiff and present only flesh and I was stuck chained to the table. A party was too long, and no one but me did not want to quit. Banquet is still continues ...... Sometimes we come to the point where we would like to have additional way out that we could cross it and start all over again Unfortunately, it is rare to have second chance and usually realities of adult life obligate us to take responsibility for our life. On the life banquet we do not always get the pieces that we like! But you have to swallow everything, so as not to offend the host ...


  • Crystal Jones 19 Sep 2015


  • BlueSpiritWolf6 23 Nov 2016

    Nice :)

  • Setasilvestre 14 Aug 2015


  • Photobones 27 Jun 2015

    I love the surreal aspects of this and the technique in much of the drawing. Some areas look like they got less attention, but, no matter how you cut it, this was a hard piece to pull off, and I think you did a more than adequate job. My overall impression is that of a good artist on the cusp of becoming great.

  • Jan Spicka 24 Jun 2015


  • Spideecartoon 24 Jun 2015

    Very nice detailed art

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