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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-23


Genevieve is an old woman but she is full of life - she likes to have guests at home and to recall a good memories. She has a few friends in her age - every week she organizes meetings in the circle of friends -this is an evenig full of attractions constantly for years. Tea from a samovar, a very sob walz on a gramophone where only periodically slammed increasingly jumping needle is the only dancer in the company. Dignified ladies are sitting at the table and are drinking a hot drink in a porcelain cups. The homemade cookies ( by housekeeper Czesia) completes licentiounes. Soon Lady Helena will decompose cards to show a bright future of matrons. Mr. Rysio made fancy hairstyles - they have to be ready- because time for inevitable love in the arms of a long-awaited handsome millionaire is already close! The Fall of her life passes carefree for Gienia - she displaces the ravages of time that makes her beauty is passing - still has a stylisch hairstyle and she is still suspended by attractive jewelry ( in her oppinion actually) She carefully selects her creations too . She likes trinkets from a bygone era and she would like that the world did not change and was like literally just a minute ago....Like many years ago as she was in the parent's house in her memories Teenage Gienia was waiting for a tea with her cousin and for her music teacher. Her inner world is in conflict with what is going on outside. Genevieve does not believe at computers, ATMs, telephones, the Internet. She is irritated by new technology and lifestyle of young people. When something of this modern world is trying to penetrate i her environment she destroys everything absolutely by using any means. Old fashioned accennt becomes like begging of a combat!!! Get away from here! Devil's spawn mobile telegraph!I My slipper will kill you!


  • Anonymous 17 Jan 2016

    Great details!!!

  • flamingarrow3 20 Sep 2015

    this is so cool

  • allstarrunner 15 Aug 2015

    detail is great!

  • Jan Spicka 23 Jun 2015

    Genius. I am sorry I only can give you 5 stars. In my opinion it deserves 10.

  • Ragingkittie 23 Jun 2015


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