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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2014-09-16


Fast Draw made only with pencils.


  • BlueSpiritWolf6 20 Dec 2016

    nice :)

    Plamen777 11 Jan 2017

    Thnx!! (:

  • OneWolf96 8 Feb 2016

    That's a nice picture

  • Mnosd Dina Atex 6 Sep 2015

    nice light... (:

  • Carbon2Tree 18 Aug 2015

    Stunning proportions! The hair looks amazing. The only room for improvement I see with this is the mouth. With the extreme shading, it makes it look like teeth. This means that there are no lips. Yet in over all shape, this could be lips. I suggest either adding more definition to the lips so there are lips and teeth, or having a medium shade on the majority of the lips so that there is not so much depth as to make them look like teeth. Still a beautiful piece! :)

  • Hiccup 17 Sep 2014

    That's amazing! I love it!

  • Fire-Sermon 17 Sep 2014

    Good job, realistic as a photo.

  • Gloryhorse321 17 Sep 2014

    Love the vintage look to it :)

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