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Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-06-17


"Wave" acrylic on canvas, 30cm x 40cm, 2014 You can also follow me here:

Challenge: ZeBass VS tatiana-volokhova


  • Don Art 28 Sep 2015

    very nice!!

  • ZeBass 28 Sep 2015

    in my challenge did i ask for the sea? i asked for the 3 "no" monkeys. why would you accept a challenge if you can't deliver?

  • ZeBass 30 Sep 2015

    99% of the artists comunity knows about the "see no evil" concept. i guess you're part of the clueless ones that don't know much about art history. next time read the description.

  • ZeBass 29 Sep 2015

    And how does your work represent "see no evil speak no evil hear no evil? that was clearly stated on the challenge. But i give up, i noticed most of the artists around here dont even respect each others terms on challenges. that goes the same for you.

  • Anonymous 4 Sep 2017

    rly interesting piece!! ;}

  • tatiana-volokhova 28 Sep 2015

    Thank you!

  • VedR1109 20 Jun 2015

    A new wave is coming. Great artwork. :)

  • MrThinkaLott 20 Jun 2015

    I think you should try adding individual water-droplets to give your paintings a more interesting affect!

  • Ragnar 18 Jun 2015

    i do ,like this picture, since i know how hard it is to ,paint waves that do not look like crap, well done :)

  • eni7878 17 Jun 2015

    great work!

  • Orionna 17 Jun 2015

    It's magical!

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