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Challenge: Paltamayo VS LeaGarland


  • Jan Spicka 11 Jan 2016

    Good work

  • LadyoftheApocalypse 29 May 2016

    Well done, I like the colors.

  • Eagle 18 20 Oct 2015

    I really like the colors that you used for the boy and how they define the clothes. I also like how you did the hair. Neverthless, I don't understand the third eye, is there any reason for giving him a third eye? For me it looks a little bit randomly placed. Although I like the black in the background, for me I have the feeling that either the whole background should be black or it should have at least sharp edges on the outside (as it also has on the inside).

  • LorandLee 22 Jul 2015

    great coloring !

  • Clarvius 19 Jun 2015

    cool ! i love it :)

  • Eat.Work.Die 17 Jun 2015

    love the use of colors in the hair and clothing ( and the third eye) :)

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