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  • SarembaArt 29 Jul 2015

    Nice shot and nice colors as well! :)

  • numer23 28 Jul 2015

    Nice :-D

  • Joseph kalys 14 Jun 2015

    This description is giving away the mood. As the others talked about the photo's description, they are correct but, it is good to have where is comes from and where.

  • YakovAnna 13 Jun 2015

    Beautiful photo :)

  • Robb Prueter 13 Jun 2015

    Without the text could be better, but I was more so saying that the shot could be better received if say you were to go to greater lengths to get a shot that told that story more clearly in its imagery as opposed to with words. Still a fantastic shot, but there is always a better one waiting for you to capture.

  • Mixsplayer feat. Fedora 13 Jun 2015

    Nice picture did you go sailing while singing....hei hoi pirates song You are a pirate likethat?

  • Robb Prueter 13 Jun 2015

    Keep trying to get a shot that tells its own story. No need to explain to us what the seagull is thinking if a different shot is taken. Regardless, still a good shot and a nice attempt at creating a story with an image

  • Anonymous 13 Jun 2015

    nice photo :)

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