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Dark Lady

By Puk
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-11


Redraw of the famous Dark Lady Picture by Naoko Takeuchi from my sketchbook


  • hubert perron 3 Feb 2016

    magnificent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kana Go 19 Jul 2015


  • zentaurius 29 Dec 2015

    very good!!!!

  • CDtheMoleKing 18 Aug 2015

    very sailor moon-esque :) great job capturing the art style!

  • Sh1roYasha 6 Aug 2015

    Awesome drawing!! The lines are so perfect!XD

  • ask--rosetail 4 Aug 2015

    Very nice~!

  • TojArt 3 Aug 2015

    Very nice! It is so cool to see other sailor moon fans on this site. Awesome work!

  • Wabtfan 11 Jun 2015

    I feel the piece has fairly decent anatomy, leads the viewer's eye through it fluently, and has some excellent texture techniques, nice work.

  • Anonymous 11 Jun 2015

    Beautiful :) love the detail but there could be more detail with the water. I wasnt sure that there was any to begin with. Instead of the straight line, it would have been better to put more of a disturbance on the surface :)

  • Anonymous 11 Jun 2015

    I like the anatomy, it looks good to me. also the shoes :) slaay

  • esteban the creator 11 Jun 2015

    it is a magnificent work , i see what you did there, you tried to make it more realistic, at least thats the drawing message , personally i do not like the nose, it is pretty big to my taste, i think that a bit more little nose would be better , but that doesn't change the fact that it is an awesome art work

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