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Jack "Royal Straight Flush" Spade

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-10


Dealer and he is part of the mafia and he is the best gambler ever


  • blvckink 10 Jun 2015

    Nice linework, maybe add some colour to him :D

  • Anonymous 10 Jun 2015

    Could do with some shading, and more detail in the background for depth. Good proportions and mark making however. Keep it up! :)

  • Anonymous 10 Jun 2015

    Well done!

  • Anonymous 10 Jun 2015

    Nice style and great cross-hatching.

  • Anonymous 10 Jun 2015

    still have a lot to practice, but keep it on!

  • hounddog23 10 Jun 2015

    Good orginal sketch

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