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All dwarves from The Hobbit

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-10


A3 format, 6B and 8B pencil


  • Eddieblz 22 Sep 2015

    I'm speechless. OoO. 5 stars and a fave.

  • Crystal Jones 1 Oct 2015

    Very good work ! ^^

  • snakedaemon 1 Jun 2016

    No a fan of the films but I have to say this is impressive

    KateFrankienaBeck 1 Jun 2016

    Thank you very much:)

  • pencil recreations 24 Sep 2016

    Wow sould be able to give you a ten for this portrait..Total detail and so in proportion.......

    KateFrankienaBeck 24 Sep 2016

    Oh, thank you very much, I'm glad you like it ♥

  • LorandLee 12 Jun 2015

    Nicely done !! ..How long did this take you ? ...wow !

  • BauhausWerk 10 Jun 2015

    Wow, i just like this. Great work.

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