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By Veru
Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-06-10


A doodle from a while ago. Right after I drew her, I greatly improved on my anatomy XD


  • Moca 4 Sep 2015

    Her expression and eye is well done and I like the shines on the hair, it looks unique.

  • Anonymous 4 Sep 2015

    good attention to lighting/shading. Work towards anatomy(shoulder)

  • rengaderacer154 25 Jul 2015

    Nice job

  • Ramur 10 Jun 2015

    Nice shading.

  • Anonymous 10 Jun 2015

    Nice eyes :)!

  • Anonymous 10 Jun 2015

    Shoulder is curved unnaturally other than that it's good.

  • Clarvius 10 Jun 2015

    i love it :)

  • DubiousHarmoious 10 Jun 2015

    This is great. I would recommend adding a bit more shade for depth along with more lines throughout the hair and face to determine some key features, but since this looks more anime it may not even need much of it...if any at all. Nonetheless you did a great job!

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