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Light of Magic

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-06-10


drawn on colors 3D, pardon the drop in quality ..this was back when i was practicing drawing stained glass for the first time. im ..hopefully improving at it as i continue to practice xD so this here is my main oc, Karasu Kiba. she is a being of light, similar to an angel and can take the form of a white wolf or a white raven. her humanlike form is a long haired albino girl. hope you all enjoy this work and many more :3c thanks for viewing


  • Jacorien.T 11 Jun 2015

    ohh thats nice ^^ keep up the good work

  • Jacorien.T 10 Jun 2015

    she is cool!! she looks a little bit like the wolf in the game "okami". good job on the drawing!!

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