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Eris Morn

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-06-09


A drawing, done using my graphics tablet, of Eris Morn, the character from Destiny.


  • Eddieblz 30 Jun 2015

    Nice composition, I like it allot. But this drawing doesn't look to be done on a table. It looks to be done in pencil or charcoal. You could take this drawing so much further if you clean it up a bit.

  • Anonymous 9 Jun 2015


  • Anonymous 9 Jun 2015


  • Hilliste 9 Jun 2015

    Good draw! :)

  • Robb Prueter 9 Jun 2015

    I love fan art and how one's vision can drive many to create art in the name of their own. That said, while I like that you used Destiny as a source of inspiration, this particular piece looks like an original draft as opposed to a digital edition. My recommendation would be to try and clean up your line work a smidgen for the sake of the final piece looking more finished.

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