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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-09


coloured pencil

Challenge: Michelle Nguyen VS Florin Dumitru


  • WoodyWelch 31 Mar 2017

    Excellent drawing of irresistible cuteness!!!

    Michelle Nguyen 1 Apr 2017

    thank you. for all of your encouraging comments

  • Michelle Nguyen 16 Jun 2015

    thank you soo much

  • CamEmBlack 15 Jun 2015

    This is sooooo cute! I can't believe it's real!xD

  • Michelle Nguyen 12 Jun 2015

    thank you sooo much for being sweet too

  • Nuriiia_sr 11 Jun 2015

    And this is sooo sweet haha okey, I stop :')

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